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Refund Policy

Inesh will always do our best to fulfil all your needs and meet your expectations, however, it is also important to have things written down so that we both know what is what, who should do what and when, and what happens if something goes wrong. We have no such desire to trick you into purchasing and paying for something you might later regret. What we want is what’s best for both parties, now and in the future.

What will each party agree to at the time of Payment?

You as the Client/Customer: You should clearly communicate what you expect us to do. Inesh, in turn, will give you an agreement will state the deliverables and agreed upon compensation once those deliverables are met. Typically, our development and services have milestones, once each of the milestones is met, payment may be required. You need to agree to give us the things we jointly agree and that we need to complete the project milestones and in the format we need it. We also will need you to review our work, provide us appropriate feedback and approval in a timely manner. We work with defined deadlines and SLAs, and it goes both ways. You need to agree to be bound by dates that we set together. Finally, you need to agree to stick to the payment schedule. If any of the defined deliverables will not meet your approval, you may request a refund for any such undelivered work or services. To request a refund, you simply need to send us an email to stating what deliverable did not meet and reasons for this request. Inesh will then review the request and reply within 48 hours.

We as Inesh: We have the experience and ability to do everything that we state and guarantee that we will do in a professional and timely manner. Inesh will endeavour to meet every deadline that will be set. Inesh agrees to give you a refund within 90 days for any work that will not be done in accordance with the stated deliverables.

Please contact us at or call your service manager for immediate assistance. To expedite the processing of your return, please reference your Order number/Customer ID number.

Caancellation Policy

The recipient availing the services must be 13 years of age or older
Only a human must use from the services provided.

We guarantee your complete satisfaction on every service we render, if after taking a service client wants to cancel it we assure to provide 100% refund of the paid amount if the return request is raised within 10 days of purchasing the services.
Any deliverable/content that will be accepted and paid for is excluded from any type of refund. Any request that will be made after 10 days of payment is excluded. Inesh cannot issue a refund unless the request for cancellation is made within 10 days of payment.
No credit card and debit card information of a client is stored. Nor at any point in time charges are imposed without any explicit consent.
Multiple times debiting of customer’s Card/Bank Account due to technical error or Candidate’s account being debited with an excess amount in a single transaction due to a technical error. In such cases, an excess amount is refunded to the client.
If due to a technical error, payment being charged on the customer Card/Bank Account but the enrolment for the service is unsuccessful, the customer would be provided with the enrolment by Inesh at no extra cost. However, if in such cases, the customer wishes to seek a refund of the amount, he/she would be refunded net the amount, after deduction of Payment Gateway charges or any other charges. The customer will have to make an application for a refund along with the transaction number and original payment receipt if any generated at the time of making payments.
Setup Fees and software license cost comes under one-time service and is non-refundable.
Our customers can cancel the service anytime during the plan period (6 Months or 12 Months) by giving the agency 1 Month prior notice. Campaign setup fee and software license cost (if any) are excluded from any type of refund.

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